Patient testimonials
  • A male patient suffering from bone tumor is cured after receiving the HIFU treatment. “What makes you choose HIFU instead of so many other treatments?” “Because the other methods entail amputation.” He was in fear and desperate for that he may no longer walk independently, however, the HIFU treatment has shown results beyond imagination. Amazingly, the patient with malignant bone tumors regained health. Mr. Zhang is now enjoying a comfortable and normal life. “Now my life is just like before. The pain eased at the beginning of the treatment.”

    Bone Tumor (China)
  • I am from Shandong province in China, quite far from here. I went to many hospitals They all suggested surgery. Since I majored in biology in school, I know that surgery has many negative effects on body. My friends told me that, the HIFU treatment entails no surgery or bleeding, with fast recovery , that why I am here.

    Liver Cancer (China)
  • I have never given birth before. I chose HIFU mainly because the treatment could save my uterus. The HIFU center has dedicated to such uterus-sparing treatment. As an old Chinese saying goes, our body is given by our parents, and every part should be cherished instead of being removed easily.

    Uterine Fibroids (China)
  • When I had the procedure done, the doctor also said it'd be difficult for me to have children, so I didn’t use contraception. Also the procedure itself does not give me a wound. It’s amazing, no wound!

    Uterine Fibroids (China)
  • I just feel no pain and I am happier myself. I sleep better, I am just all together better than everyone. And now I have all this without an ultra hysterectomy, it’s brilliant. These wonderful Chinese inventors have given me back my life, and I’ve got this without an interventional surgery, it’s fantastic, thank you!

    Uterine Fibroids (UK)
  • I was actually relieved and happy that I won't be undergoing a surgical procedure that would have some scars in my uterus, and I think for me as a doctor, that's my best choice for conception or having a baby later on, because I don't have any scars.

    Uterine Fibroids (The Philippines)
  • "When I finished I walked out (the HIFU room) & no anesthesia needed. I did not feel anything""Honestly I didn't believe (I was pregnant) but I did not wait, I couldn't wait to tell him"

    Uterine Fibroids (Egypt)
  • The treatment was very effective. I didn't feel fatigue after the treatment and there were no wounds. To be honest, there was no discomfort, my body did not feel any pain at all during the treatment and it was not expensive.

    Liver Cancer (Egypt)
  • We had lost all hope of having a baby after so long. It was out of our reach, it was impossible. But it happened. It happened owing to HIFU technology. It gave me back my health and my joy. I once became hopeless. Today I regain my health and become a mother, thus my happiness is double.

    Uterine Fibroids (Argentina)
  • If I understand correctly, it's like a tumor, its blood vessels has been cauterized, making the tumor to stop growing. This is a good therapy, it's worth trying. I think it should be an option for other patients

    Uterine Fibroids (Russia)
  • The advantages of HIFU include no bleeding, no serious complications, performing under sedation and analgesia, no need for prolonged anesthesia and, most importantly, preservation of organs.

    Uterine Fibroids (Russia)
  • One month after the treatment, the fibroid in the left side shrank from 4.5cm to 2.8cm, much faster than others, which I am so happy about. Now my body is in good condition, as if I had never had fibroids. The menorrhagia is gone, so are the fatigue and the abdomen pain. I am less irritable than before. I don’t know whether this happens because of hormone change. I feel very comfortable now.

    Uterine Fibroids (Korea)

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